PERFORMIGRATIONS provides the opportunity to interrogate preconceived notions of heritage, identity, and migration. It invites its partners to collaborate and share with its diverse audiences across many different locations, reflecting the complexity and creativity inherent of these notions. The convergence – and even collision – of new and existing media will be used heighten the experience of relocation, emphasizing interactions between newcomers and existing populations and institutions.

PERFORMIGRATIONS encourages collaboration in the making and dissemination of these multiple interactive and performative art-installations. The purpose of this collaboration is to make apparent the mutability of territory as it is created and re-created by the movements of people across Europe, as well as between Europe and North America.


  • Promotes intercultural dialogue through the interplay between different experiences; it focuses in the interactions of European communities and diasporas across Europe and Canada;
  • Renews the dialogue between Europe and Canada, developing innovative strategies for exploring cultural, sociological and technological change;
  • Creates new linkages between local realities and international actors;
  • Promotes inter-generational dialogue through a renewed interplay of new ICT/mobile media and more traditional forms of artistic and cultural expressions;
  • Develops an innovative dialogue between different ‘agencies’ representing strategic departments from within different national realities: universities and research centres, festivals, cultural institutions, companies, foundations, associations, and communities;
  • Promotes the trans-national mobility of people working in the cultural sector;
  • Offers support for the trans-national circulation of cultural and artistic works and products.

Encouraging intercultural, artistic and intellectual dialogue, PERFORMIGRATIONS promotes awareness of complex and ongoing cultural processes through:

  • The development of an accessible multimedia art-installation that will tour Europe and Canada and be accessible globally on-line;
  • The organization of a related series of cultural events to discuss the shifting migratory processes of belonging/becoming European or Canadian among a broader set of audiences.