At each location, the PERFORMIGRATIONS caravan brings a series of art-projects featuring the selected artists engaged in individual and collaborative interventions. Through a dynamic dialogue of old and new forms of communication, these projects make use of different strategies of storytelling to map various mobile experiences echoing people’s evolving territories.
image002In turn, in Montreal, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Vancouver, Athens, Toronto and Lisbon, one of the Performigrations artists is given the opportunity to develop an individual project conceived in response to specific cultural challenges posed by the local context, and in collaboration with the local team of professionals and academics. At the same time, the group of artists will join creative forces to develop a collaborative series of Mobile Interventions which will grow through the ongoing addition of materials as the installations move from location to location.
In each city, both the Individual Projects and the Mobile Interventions will also interplay with a series of artistic experiences and projects expression of local communities, groups, research centres and institutions. PERFORMIGRATIONS art installations will therefore play a role in revealing a territory of creative interventions.