From Monday, April 20, 2015 to the end of the year, with the partial financial support of the European Union Cultural program, the Italian Cultural Institute, member of EUNIC Canada cluster, presents in Montréal the first public events of Performigrations, People are the Territory, an E.U. international cultural project, at the METROPOLIS BLEU LITERARY FESTIVAL 2015, in collaboration with the Mobile Media Lab of Concordia University and the University of Bologna.

The partners of the project in Montreal are part of a team made of sixteen organizations in E.U and Canada that will take part in Performigrations’ events in the coming months.

They will be presenting a program which is situated at the intersection of public cultural performances, collaborative art-making and academic research on mobility and identity. The project proposes a new understanding of “territories” that emphasizes the performative practices of the people that move toward, within, and through them.

With the coordination of the Foreign Language Dept of the University of Bologna, the partners in the program will assist in the organization of major cultural events in seven cities across Europe and Canada, producing several collaborative art exhibitions involving a variety of artists, lecturers, cultural mediators and audiences. From now to the enfdof the project in March 2016,a major part of Performigrations is a series of digital art installations , produced by artists selected by the partners and developed through open source platforms, which will bring together different forms of storytelling in order to map mobility experiences and identities’ cultural changes. This will include projects that involve people and art listening to people.

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