Performigrations is a project selected for funding by EACEA, Strand 1.3.5 – Special Measures: Cooperation with Third Countries (Canada), Culture Programme 2013. It is one of the 12 successful proposals selected among 120 applications received by the the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.

Performigrations investigates the societal themes of ‘mobility’ (both cultural and technological), and ‘immigration and identity’ through a multi-layered network project involving world renown Canadian and European Institutions and Organizations.The project, coordinated by the University of Bologna, brings together an experienced international team of 6 European co-organisers, representing Italy, Greece, Portugal and Austria, and 5 partners representing the three largest Canadian cities, in the three most populated provinces (Ontario, Québec, British Columbia); as well as, 5 associate partners in the United Kingdom and Malta.

From April 2014 to March 2016, across Europe and Canada Performigrations will organise 8 major cultural events, 7 art-installations, 4 main workshops and will involve a variety of target audiences. Together, ICT & performative arts can help us to develop new ways to express our mobile selves/belonging, in turn mediating among different cultural heritages. Expanding this idea, Performigrations develops an interactive & performative art-installation to make visible the mobile territory created by the movements of people across EU, and between EU & Canada. More traditional forms of art integrated with new ICT will develop an accessible multimedia interactive platform that will use new geo-locative technologies to display old and new forms of storytelling. This interactive medley of words, images, sounds, and video-performances will connect territory with place and enable the construction of a communal narrative through the on-going addition of materials as the installation moves from location to location.

To complete and integrate the art-installation, Performigrations Partners will select a total of 7 (seven artists) representing the involved cultural and artistic realities in Europe and in Canada: Athens, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. These seven artists will form an international ‘creative team’ to implement the Performigrations art-installation through their new artistic inputs.

Deadline for receipt of proposals is: 21st January 2014.

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