Sabrina is in charge of the Performigrations press office in Bologna, and the social media manager for PFM on Twitter.
She is graduated in Foreign Languages with a specialization in cultural mediation at the University of Foreign Languages,based in Bari – South of Italy. Her résumé made her highly skilled in collective memory, territorial cultural promotion and museum education programs.

In 2014-2015 she was a member of the project for Bologna Porticoes Candidacy to UNESCO World Heritage Program with the Municipality of Bologna: she had been charged of the web communication being the social media manager of the project and co-editor of the website: She had been also video-maker for the Municipality of Bologna,with a videoclip presenting the 3D project for the Candidacy of Bologna Porticoes to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage:

She also serves as editor/translator for the Bologna City of Music network supporting with cultural programs the International Network of Creative Cities in Europe for Unesco.

From 2012 to 2013 Sabrina realised a series of cultural project on Bologna territorial memory heritage, particularly focused on Second World War Resistance Movement. She has published on Italian Liberation Movement collective memory with an article on the Italian Review of The National Institute on th History of the Liberation Movement in Italy (INSMLI – Istituto Nazionale per la storia del Movimento di Liberazione in Italia): “Il caso francese della Fortezza del Mont Valerien”(n°3,December2014 – ISSN 2283-6837) on the online board “ – Didattica della storia in rete”.

In 2009 Sabrina had been charged by the Ministry of Defense in France as cultural agent for the Museum project of the Fortresse du Mont Valérien, an ancient IIWW execution site, based in Suresnes (Paris). Sabrina is also contributor and reviewer for the Italian online Literary Review: “Rivista!UnaSpecie – Periodico di poesia & letteratura” for which she has published two reviews, one of the french book based on the pedagogist Arno Stern:”Non sono mai andato a scuola” (A. Stern, Ed. Nutrimenti 2014) and the other of the Italian book “Giovani Senza” (E. Antonini, Ed. Mimesis 2014).