Luca Foschini ( graduated from University of Bologna, Italy, where he received PhD degree in computer science engineering in 2007. He is now an Assistant Professor of computer engineering at the University of Bologna.

His research interests span from middleware for mobile computing in general to adaptive multimedia, from context-aware service composition to federated cloud computing resource management, from mobile crowdsensing to scalable online stream processing for smart cities.

From the point of view of his publication record, he has co-authored more than 28 international journal/magazine articles (in publication venues that are considered the excellent ones in his research field, such as ACM Computing Surveys, IEEE JSAC, IEEE TC, IEEE TPDS, IEEE Sensors Journal, IEEE Pervasive Computing, IEEE Communications, IEEE Wireless Communications, Elsevier FGCS, Elsevier PMC), guest-edited 2 special issues in international journals/magazines, co-authored 5 chapters in int. books, and around 45 additional works published in other international venues (conferences, symposia, workshops, etc.). He has also been involved in several technology transfer activities both with local and international organizations, start-ups, and companies.

He is member of IEEE and ACM.

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