Pavlos Kavouras is professor of the Faculty of Music Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. His areas of academic expertise are cultural anthropology and ethnomusicology. Head of the Department of Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology and Director of the University Laboratory bearing the same name, he is also the Director and co-founder of the Graduate Programme “Music Culture and Communication: Anthropological and Communicational Approaches of Music,” run jointly by the Faculty of Music Studies and the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
He holds an MA degree in Applied Urban Anthropology from City University of New York and a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology from The New School for Social Research of New York. His doctoral dissertation concerns the extempore dialogical poetics of Karpathos, a music-cultural ceremony of great symbolic significance for the local population. He has done ethnographic field research in Greece (Karpathos, Thrace, Lesbos and East Macedonia), in the USA (New York-Greek immigrant community) and in Southwest India. His ethnographic works include empirical as well as theoretical, i.e. methodological and epistemological, explorations of issues pertaining to the production and consumption of music-cultural knowledge, through the performance and perception of music, examined both as a cultural phenomenon and as a theoretical metaphor for ethnographic reflexivity. Moreover, his work explores the relations between narrative and music, experience and communication and focuses on the interface between ethnography, phenomenological hermeneutics and performance theory. His entire work revolves around the notion of dialogue witnessed and investigated in and across people, artistic genres, cultures and scientific disciplines.
Among his various scholarly publications in English and in Greek are: Ghlendi and Xenitia: The Poetics of Exile in Rural Greece, Trickster and Cain: A Musical Allegory, Folklore and Tradition: Issues on the Re-presentation of Music and Dance, “Ethnographies of Dialogical Singing, Dialogical Ethnography,” “Where the Community ‘Reveals Itself’: Reflexivity and Moral Judgment in Karpathos, Greece,” “The Past of the Present: From the Ethnography and the Performance of Music to the Performance of Musical Ethnography,” “Allegories of Nostalgia: Music, Tradition and Modernity in the Mediterranean Region.” He is also the General Editor of the Ethnomusicology and Anthropology scholarly series (Nissos Publications).

He participated in various research projects as Scientific Expert, Principal Investigator or Research Director: ARISTEIA II, Western Art Music at the Time of Crisis: An Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Greek Culture and European Integration(WestArtMus), Video Life Stories of Immigrants (Hellenic Ministry of the Interior) – EIF, Music and Minorities: An Ethnomusicological Approach of Indian Minority in Greece (Hellenic Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs) – Operational Programme Education and Lifelong Learning – Heraclites II, Cooperation of Cultural and Academic Operators for the Network of Education and Development Initiative and Other Internet Educational Services, Lambrakis Foundation (, CEMMENTI-Canada Exchanges with the Mediterranean: Migration Experiences and their Impact on Nationalism, Trans-Nationalism and Identity, European Union – Canada Programme for Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Training.