Elena Lamberti teaches North American Literature and Media Studies at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her areas of research include: Anglo-American Modernism, Literature and Technology, Cultural Memory, War Literature. She has published extensively on English and Anglo-American Modernism (Ford, Joyce, Pound, Hemingway), as well as Anglo-Canadian culture of the late 20th Century (Coupland, Cronenberg, McLuhan). She is the author of the award winning volume Marshall McLuhan: Tra letteratura, arti e media (Mondadori, 2000); author of “the transatlantic review”: Note sulla rivista che traghettò gli Yankees in Europa (Asterisco, 2012), editor of Interpreting/Translating European Modernism (Compositori, 2001); co-editor of various volumes including Ford Madox Ford and The Republic of Letters (CLUEB 2002); Memories and Representations of War in Europe (Rodopi, 2009). Her volume Marshall McLuhan’s Mosaic. Probing the Literary Origins of Media Studies (U of T Press, 2012) was a finalist for the 2013 Canada Prizes.
She serves in the Editorial/Scientific Boards of: Explorations in Media Ecology; Wi: Journal of Mobile Media; The International Journal of McLuhan Studies.
She was a visiting scholars at: Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York U. Toronto; English Dept, Brown University, Providence, RH; Canadian Centre for German and European Studies, York U. Toronto; Dept of Comparative Literature, Yale University; Dept of Romance Studies; U. of Oregon, Eugene; Media Lab, Program in Culture & Communication, York U.; McLuhan Program, University of Toronto; St Michael College, U of Toronto.
Her experience with EU Projects includes: ETNP “ACUME – Cultural Memory in European Countries; EU/Canada Project “EU/CANADA COOPERATIONS PROJECT CEMMENTI (TRANSATIONALISM, IMMIGRATION); ETNP“ACUME2 – Interfacing Science, Literature and the Humanities
More on: http://www.unibo.it/Faculty/default.htm?UPN=elena.lamberti%40unibo.it