ATHENS – Osmosis/Migrations

Osmosis/Migrations is a series of live-coding performances coupled with an interactive installation based on a sound samples from diverse cultural environments, informed by ethnomusicological research. It employs content-tagging and sound-feature extraction for the creation of semantic networks enabling alternate \”readings\” of the sonic material. Additionally, a dedicated website allows exploration of the sound networks and the input of new material from the users on mobile devices.

Iannis Zannos’s field is Computer Music/Electronic Music. He holds a PhD in Musicology, Dr. Eng in Information Engineering, has conducted field research in Istanbul on Greek and Turkish music, he participates in Media Art Projects as Sound Artist since 1996, and gives frequent live performances in Greece and abroad.  He presented recent joint installations in Cyprus . He is involved in trans-cultural Art projects in Istanbul and Cyprus. Frequent Workshops on Sound Art, Media Arts, SoundScapes