VANCOUVER – Italian-Canadian Queers Chat in East Van

This video weaves together footage from Vancouver’s east end of 3 Italian-Canadian queers talking about their strict Catholic upbringings (eg; expectations to marry), a personal essay about the characteristics I inherited from my immigrant father, and an interview with my Nonna about her experiences coming to Canada from Italy after WWII. Different perspectives on the multi-generational effects of uprooting are presented through a multi-genre collage of video, old photos and voice-over.

Growing up in an immigrant family, encouraged to try everything and the economic necessity to use what’s at hand (like a home photography darkroom) Juli became an artistic experimenter. Her short films have shown at festivals worldwide. In 2005 Amoré won Best Canadian Film at Toronto’s 1minute Film Festival and in 2011 the Jury Prize for Experimental Film at the Toronto Urban Film Festival. She enjoys working collectively and with dedication to community through projects like entzaubert.