KLAGENFURT – Natalia, Turn the Lights On

The project Natalia, Turn the Lights On blends real life & pervasive media to give tangible expression to the dimension of an invisible reality: that of undocumented migrant bodies performing domestic work. Immigrant household workers will have their burnt energy digitally stored via wearable technologies. Elsewhere, simultaneously, this energy will be transferred to power the lighting system. Public or placed in galleries, this lighting system will solely rely on the work of the domestics. When they stop, it is blackout.

Trained at Goldsmiths College London and UNATC Bucharest, Ioana Paun uses performance, media and ready-mades attempting to crack perception around monolithic structures of power. She focuses on injustice and all its derivatives. Ioana’s presents work in Romania, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Greece. She is currently developing a visibility platform for immigrant domestic workers and their arsenal of affective strategies, employing live art, wearable technology and socio-digital archiving.