BOLOGNA – A Dialogue With The Homeless Generation

Morphing Faces is an A/V piece exploring how senses of (not) belonging to place relate to identity constructions and how transnational movement and global communication transform these perceptions. It engages with the differing scales of personal communication (person-to-person expression/interpretation) and more categorised or impersonal forms of representation (the individual is rendered invisible in favour of homogenised masses).

These dynamics are translated into two narratives. The first emphasises personal relationality, the second stresses social distance generated by representations of masses. To emphasise their dialectic relationship – it is impossible to separate the individual from the collective – these narratives will be presented within each other. The content of the narratives will be distilled from interviews. The interviewees are people who have migrated from their home countries for various reasons and who can be associated with different categories of social analysis.

Hannes Andersson (Donuan) is a Filmmaker, Digital Artist and researcher, born in Gothenburg (Sweden) and currently based in the UK. He studied Digital Film & Animation at SAE Institute Barcelona (Catalonia). Hannes is a co-founder of the digital art collective Chinos International CC, developing interactive art and open source technology. He also co-founded the independent film group Anderson Rodriguez Films, for which he works as Director.

Hannes work focuses on perception and communication in the in-between of art and science. It has been presented internationally at events like Sonar (Spain), Mutek (Spain), Opus (Belgium), EASTN (Greece) and MIFF (India).