Vancouver – CANADA


ICC is a non-profit organization which serves the social and cultural interests of the Italian community in Vancouver as well as all enthusiasts of Italian and European cultures. The Centre possesses ample meeting space for conventions and business meetings, including a ballroom having an over 600 seat capacity. In addition to performance areas, the Centre has a large language school, a library and a Museum which hosts three curated exhibitions a year. These exhibitions are a diverse array of displays dealing with every facet of European life art and culture. Over the past year, ICC hosted exhibitions on Opera, EU tapestry art, and a major exhibition on the Internment of Italian Canadians during WWII. ICC exhibition choices are a blend of community history, along with a vast array of European arts and culture. ICC is now converting the hallways of the Centre into an additional art gallery.


ICC will join venture with the Italian Canadian Archive Project (ICAP) to host the art-installation. In addition, ICC will be curating an exhibition tailored to the oral and material culture tradition of the Italians and Europeans who immigrated to Vancouver. As a collective of Material Cultural and Social Historians, as well as professional archivists, ICAP’s conducts research, preserves objects of historical importance, and creates exhibitions to offer insight into the cultural and social life of the Italian and EU Italian-Canadians c. 1900-1960.
As co-organizer for this event, ICC would also be responsible for advertising the event and co-ordinating it with another arts festival occurring simultaneously in Vancouver, in August 2015. In addition, ICC will supply content for the Art-Installation (storytelling, material culture, interview with EU immigrants) and serve in the Steering Committee.