Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Bologna – ITALY


LILEC constitutes a cross-road of cultural and learning experiences with a lasting tradition of activities of dissemination of knowledge among the broader society. It is part of the University of Bologna, and it is an active partner in a series of renown University and City Festivals promoting cultural activities to foster intercultural dialogue and open access to cultural productions. In particular, LILEC is very active in international networking, having a series of collaborations with various operators in the field of culture, knowledge and research. LILEC has managed several EU grants within different EU programs, including one on Cultural Memory (80 institutional partners) and one on EU/Canadian approaches to migration & identity. LILEC has acquired a sound reputation for good practice, management and projects sustainability. Since 2012, the term “Culture” is part of the Department official denomination, to better convey its institutional mandate.


LILEC is the project coordinator, in charge of the overall management, ensuring the general administration of the project, accounting for assembling the project application and scientific/financial reports; LILEC also coordinates the monitoring of progress and functioning of the project. LILEC supplies the central ICT staff to implement and update the project website; it acts as the help-desk and coordinating board gathering material, monitoring deadlines, giving instructions, etc. LILEC supervises the project ‘Steering Committee’, grouping representatives of both coordinating institutions and associated partners. This board: establishes the working agenda (as per the agreements signed by all partners); monitors the quality and good practice of project activities; supervises the dissemination activities; approves single steps in the communication and promotion plan. LILEC also coordinates all fundraising activities and promotes the project sustainability through time.