conservatorioAthens – GREECE


The Athens Conservatory is the oldest musical institution of contemporary Greece. The Music and Drama Association “Athens Conservatory” was established in June 1871 at the initiative of the then Prime Minister Alexandros Koumoundouros, upon recommendation of the Head of Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grigorios Papadopoulos. In the first statute of the Association the following objectives were determined: establishment of the Conservatory, formation and compilation of theatre repertoire, sending scholars abroad, awards, organizing concerts and performances and even “pandemic fairs and national holidays, and every other means may be considered appropriate”. Given that above, the concerns of Performigrations dovetail with the Conservatory cultural and artistic mandate.


To supply content for the Art-Installation;
To contribute expertise on national and ethnic music;
To co-host the Performigrations Art-Installation in Athens, in collaboration with Athena RIC;
To organise a Performigrations musical event (September 2015)