Bologna – ITALY

“Senza Titolo” is a common project realised by specialized educators and professionals who have been working in the field of communication and teaching of art and cultural heritage. “Senza Titolo” was founded in Bologna in 2008 with the aim of introducing and educating broad audiences to the languages and codes of art and to discover the historical and artistic heritage as an educational experience for every age group.
Our methodology consists in an interactive and interdisciplinary approach and uses workshops as a central means for processing the contents, the solicitations and the information received in a personal way. The training of all operators and the methodological references of our work are to be found in the scientific activities of Prof. Cristina Francucci and in the experience acquired within the Education De

To organise dedicated school ateliers during the art-installation in Bologna (June 2015).[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]