april, 2015



Event Details

Performigrations presents a series of installation art projects under the title of Mobile Interventions. Featuring artists selected as a part of the Performigrations team, as well as local artists from each featured city, Mobile Interventions brings the work of the team into a dynamic dialogue with the spaces within each city. Using the suitcase as both leitmotif and as physical object to house segments of the artworks, Mobile Interventions is conceived as a way to curate an exhibition, which can change over time, evolve, interact with local artists and conditions, and be transported to other locations. Rather than operating just in formal gallery spaces, Mobile Interventions is designed to operate in the interstices of events; the exhibition is therefore conceived of as a mutable, malleable, mobile assemblage able to adapt to the specificity of places, territories and communities.


Look for the luggage and find Mobile Interventions at:

  • Blue Metropolis Festival main venue, Hotel 10, 10 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, April 23rd – 26th
  • IIC Montreal, 1200 Avenue du Dr. Penfield, Montréal, April 28th – May 10th (Official launch event on May 5th)
  • Media Gallery, Communication Studies, Concordia University, 7141 Sherbrooke St. W (April 20th – May 1st)


Performigrations Artist Projects

Secret Schoolhouse (Iannis Zannos)

Avigrations (Hannes Andersson, Valentina Sutti)

Italian-Canadian Queers Chat in East-Van (Juli Saragosa)

Perform Your Migration (Natalie Doonan, Roberta Buiani, Juli Saragosa)

Local Artist Projects

Ici et La (Robert Prenovault)

Address Known (Kim Sawchuk, Giuliana Cucinelli)

La vie saisonnière (Sophie Guérin)

Charlotte’s Baggage (Cheryl Sim)

Misfire, ‘Mis’perform, Manifest: Disability and Everyday Life (Arseli Dokumaci)

26 Characters (Karen Trask)

Old Montreal’s Acoustic Labyrinth (Eric Powell)

YMX: The Mirabel Project (Giuliana Cucinelli)

and many more


April 20 (Monday) - May 10 (Sunday)