International Competition to Design the Brand/Logo and the Corporate Identity for Performigrations – People Are the Territory.

1. Promoters of the International Competition
This international competition is promoted by the trans-national and international project PERFORMIGRATIONS – People are the Territory, co-financed by the Program Culture 2013 – Strand 1.3.5. Performigrations is a two-years project that will bring together European and Canadian institutions to develop innovative approaches to some very timing issues, as mobility and identity, through the production of a traveling art installation that will be elaborated by a team of artists on a technological support. (“Presentation Dossier”, Attachment 1).

2. Objectives of the Competition
The competition aims to design the brand/logo and the corporate identity used forPERFORMIGRATIONS; the goal is to implement and optimize project identification and communication.
The brand/logo should be coherent with the elements characterising the project, as stated in the enclosed document, “Presentation Dossier” (Attachment 1). The corporate identity, to be developed on the basis of a brand/logo, should interpret in graphic form the communication goals of thePERFORMIGRATIONS project.
The corporate identity, together with the related brand/logo, will appear on all printed and web materials designed to communicate the activities related to PERFORMIGRATIONS.

3. Eligibility Criteria and Participation to the Competition
Participation is open to professionals in the fields of Graphic, Design and Communication who have been professionally working since at least January 1st 2013 (to be self-certificated in the curriculum vitae). Participation is also open to recent graduates (after January 1st 2013) with a university degree or a diploma in Design, Communication and Advertisement from a legally recognised school.
Participation is open to both individuals and groups (in the case of groups, a leader must be indicated). In compliance with the project’s specific objectives and criteria, participation is open to European and Canadian citizens, as well as to immigrants in Europe and Canada.
Each candidate, whether individual or group, can submit only one proposal.

4. Performigrations criteria for brand/logo and corporate identity
The brand/logo must have the following features:
• Incorporate the term PERFORMIGRATIONS and include as pay off, People Are the Territory.
• Refer explicitly to the core themes of the project, PERFORMIGRATIONSPeople Are the Territory, as stated in the enclosed “Presentation Dossier”.
The themes could be resumed with the help of the following keywords: people; identity; flows; routes; generations; performances; cultural and social changes; storytelling; mobility (both cultural and technological).
• Have colours in assonance with the European Commission one (See p. 31, “Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions”, Attachment 2).
• Be original and unique. It must convey uniqueness of project; be conceived specifically for this competition; aesthetically effective; easy to discern (brand awareness); adaptable to various dimensions, surfaces and usages, both in colour and black/white.
• Does not violate or infringe the rights of third parties, including copyright, brands, patents and all other types of intellectual property.
• Does not contain effigies, photographs, or other identifying elements without due authorisation.
• Be compatible and adaptable to a variety of contents, surfaces and screens, and to all means of communication, both web and print.

The corporate identity must have the following characteristics:
• Comply with the guidelines of the European Commission in terms of visibility, as per the document “Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions” (Attachment 2).
• Develop the message of the brand/logo and pay off in an original and consistent way; thereby, graphically interpreting the idea of the project (Read the keywords above).
• Be compatible with the following means of communication: website, social networks, brochures, posters, publications, banners, gazebo, merchandising.
• Does not violate or infringe the rights of third parties, including copyright, brands, patents and all other types of intellectual propriety.

5. Requested format for proposals and modes of submission.
Each participant may submit only one proposal in the form of one (1) pdf, written in English, subdivided in at least 4 tables/pages, horizontally oriented and printable in A3 format, HD.
Table 1
In the centre of this page, show the brand/logo printed in colour, with the pay off; at the bottom of the page display the reduced black/white version.
Table 2
This page must show the proposal for the corporate identity.
Table 3
This page must show the possible applications of the brand/logo and of the corporate identity in different contexts that can give value to its qualities and help to understand its systemic dimension: websites, social networks, brochures, poster, publications, banner, gazebo, merchandising.
Table 4: Creative rationale
This page must state the rationale behind the project proposal, in a descriptive/verbal form, and with the aid of additional visual elements.
Table 5: OPTIONAL: “Free your mind”: Share your ‘graphic interpretation’ of the project
This page must state, through free artistic expression, the candidates’ emotional and sensorial understanding/interpretation of the project. It is possible to propose a graphic symbol for each partner, or narrate the project through characters or comics (graphical storytelling); it is an additional opportunity to set your creativity free.

6. How to participate and submit the proposals
In order to participate in the competition, participants must download the call from thePERFORMIGRATIONS website ( and follow the instructions.
Participants must upload the specific pages below, on to the website in pdf format, in English:
(one pdf for each point listed below)
Curriculum vitae stating, as self-certification, the requirements indicated in point 3 here above.
– Portfolio.
– Tables as outlined in point 5 (the 4 or more tables will be assembled into one pdf).
– The Submission Form and Copyright Release as per Attachment 3.
– Copy of identity card or passport.

Deadline: July 15th 2014, midnight UTC + 1

7. Services due from the winner of the competition
The selected winner will be duty bound to offer the following services:
• Supply of the brand/logo of PERFORMIGRATIONSPeople Are the Territory, as well as of the related corporate identity and its variations in various extensions (jpg, tiff or vectorial image); definitions for various usages (video, still or moving images, web); the necessary indications for its typographical reproduction and printing (dimensions and their proportions; percentages of four-color printing, pantone codes, dimensions and font of the used characters).
• B/W version and greys hues
• Supply of a manual/guide lines on how to use the material
• Assure, for the duration of the project PERFORMIGRATIONS People Are the Territory from the official communication of the winner of this call until the end of April 2016 – advisory graphical support for the realisation of the communication materials (templates for web banners, posters, flyers, merchandising) as indicated by the project referents by contract. This service will focus in particular around the most relevant events of the projects, as per the activity timeline stated on pp 8/9 of Attachment 1. The exact number of executives to be delivered will be discussed and define by contract.
The referents for the project are LILEC, coordinating institution of the ProjectPERFORMIGRATIONS, and Genus Bononiae – Museo della Città di Bologna srl, partner ofPERFORMIGRATIONS.
The above mentioned referents have the right to nominate the jury panel among the partners of thePERFORMIGRATIONS networks.
Please notice that the winner will be duty bound to carry out either variations or graphical adaptations to the submitted proposal if specific requirements from the referents arise following the winning selection.

8. Evaluation Criteria
Proposals must comply with requirements stated in point 4 above. Specific consideration will be given to: coherence to the core themes of PERFORMIGRATIONS; aesthetical effectiveness; uniqueness.

9. Awards
The jury panel will select one sole winner, who will be entitled to an award of 7.000 Euros. This amount is to be considered pre-tax.
30% of the award will be delivered upon selection; a second instalment will be delivered by April 2015; the final balance will be delivered at the end of the project (April 2016). The winner must deliver to the referents all services stated in point 7 here above, for the duration of the projectPERFORMIGRATIONS. The winner will be required to attend a meeting with LILEC and with Genus Bononiae – Museo della Città di Bologna, at their facilities, to sign the agreement as per this call.
Important: failure to comply with one or more of the points stated in point 7 here above, will free the project referents to dismiss the agreements under the grant, therefore not remitting the award instalments. This may eventually lead to legal action to retrieve the invested/allocated money and to seek compensation for all ensuing damages to the project, good practice and activities.

10. Timeline
1. 31/05/2014: publication of the competition call;
2. from 31/05/2014 to 15/07/2014: all people interested in submitting a proposal can address their questions in English to or send private messages through thePERFORMIGRATIONS Facebook official page.
3. 15/07/2014: midnight UTC + 1: deadline for receiving proposals;
4. by 15/09/2014 : announcement of the winner.

11. Copyright
By signing the release included in the Submission Form and Copyright Release (Attachment 3), participants agree to transfer all rights concerning economic use and marketing of the selected proposals.

12. Ownership of copyrights of the proposals submitted by participants to this call
LILEC and Genus Bononiae – Museo della Città di Bologna srl will own the copyrights of all proposals submitted as per point 5 here above, following the signing of the Submission Form and Copyright Release as per point 11 here above.

13. Publication of the Call and Information Request
This call and its attachments are to be published on the PERFORMIGRATIONS website ( All questions regarding the call and proposal submissions can be addressed in English via email at, or through private messages on thePERFORMIGRATIONS official Facebook page (

14. Presentation of Proposals and Results
The results of the selection process will be published on the PERFORMIGRATIONS website and on its related official Facebook page.

15. List of Attachments
This call also includes the following attachments:
PERFORMIGRATIONS Presentation Dossier (Attachment 1)
– Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions (Attachment 2)
– The Submission Form and Copyright Release (see below)

16. Organization and Secretariat
Organization and Secretariat for this competition are located at Genus Bononiae – Museo della Città di Bologna srl – Palazzo Fava – Via Manzoni 2 – 40121 Bologna
Tel. 0039 051 1993 6319

* * *