Hannes Andersson has visited Bologna for one week to gather content and work
towards the final presentation of the piece Morphing Faces, an Audio/Visual
installation exploring concepts of cultural belonging and identity.

During the week he has been conducting interviews in Palazzo Fava with a
number of migrants in Bologna who have shared the stories of their diverse
backgrounds and thoughts concerning cultural identity and belonging to place.

The interviews are recorded on a Black Magic Pocket camera in combination with
an Xbox Kinect capturing depth. The two are later combined creating a 3D
representation of a 2 dimentional image, a technique generally referred to as
RGBD; meaning colour (red, green blue) + depth.

The interviews will later be juxtaposed into an immersive Audio/Visual installation
to be presented in Sala della Cultura in Palazzo Pepoli, which will integrate the space
into a dialogue between new and old forms of storytelling.